You CAN change the world. In a way.

I heard an interview with a Doctor who was part of “Doctors Without Borders” in Darfur on NPR today. I was moved by something he said that I found profound. He was asked if he felt like he was changing the world in Darfur. And I am liberally paraphrasing:

It’s hard to ever feel like you’ve changed the world, and when I was in Darfur I didn’t feel like I was changing the world as a whole. But one of first patients I treated for TB was 3 years old and had never walked. And within 3 months he walked for the first time. So, did I change the world, I don’t know. But that kid’s world was changed forever.

To sum it up, I add this:

It seems impossible to change the world as a whole. But you can change the world for one person at a time.


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