Currently Enjoying:

I am currently enjoying the following:

1. Messing around with what I’m calling the “Geekitopia” theme

…if you come to my site regularly…you can see it’s changing pretty frequently. I am building a back-end to this theme that gives the user the ability to select color schemes. It’s pretty sweet. I’ll probably release it fairly soon (really once I get the new RSS buttons added on). If you have a WordPress site and are interested in testing it for me, .

2. Hanging out on the back deck in the evening with my wife.

We’ve been enjoying the weather. For the past few days it’s been the perfect temperature; what I imagine to be what it’s like in San Diego, CA. We light up the torches and enjoy the evening.

3. Netflix Watch Instantly

Using Netflix Watch Instantly and my Xbox 360, I’ve watched some pretty cool flicks. All of the available Mythbusters, Die Hard (which I saw for the first time), and the Lethal Weapon series. It’s nice to browse the library…and I’m pretty much scraping the bottom now, but here are some suprisingly under-rated features:

  • Henry Poole Is Here – watched last night, very interesting movie.
  • Fido – Mentioned this in a [intlink id=”570″ type=”post”]previous post[/intlink], neat zombie movie…not scary though.
  • Discovery Channel; Extreme Engineering – I love this kind of stuff, watched the one about the Panama Canal tonight — freaking impressive.
  • Vantage Point – a kind of FBI whodunnit that shows an event from several perspectives, all colliding in the end. Entertaining to say the least.


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