All in Favor of Daylight Saving Time…

Get up an hour earlier.

I mean really. I don’t care if it’s a little darker in the morning, it means my daughter will sleep longer. She went from normally getting up at around 7:30-8am, to now 6:30-7am. That’s a big difference in my body clock. As soon as I get home from work now it’s dark. 5pm is too early to be dark…so is 6, but I’ll take what I can get. I say if people want to continue this silly tradition, they do so on their own time. Why should so many states be forced to set their clocks back an hour for virtually no gain at all.

Give me one good reason we do this stupid thing. I seriously challenge you. I’ve done extensive research on the subject and have found none.

Daylight Saving Time Sucks

2 thoughts on “All in Favor of Daylight Saving Time…”

  1. 1) I’d rather my child NOT be up at what, 5a.m. in the summer.
    2) I have an elementary age son. October it was HARD to get him up for school because there wasn’t even a hint of light. We’ll welcome this extra little we get and the “happy wake ups” because of it before it runs out.
    3) We can find ways to enjoy evenings without daylight but mornings without daylight are just wrong LOL.

    I don’t care WHY we do it but just because YOU think its stupid doesn’t mean everyone does.

  2. jdp, you are correct that just because I think it’s stupid doesn’t mean everyone does, but I’d imagine there are a lot of people that agree with me.

    Obviously you don’t, and for good reasons, but I’d like to see what a year would look like without observing DST.

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