5 things I’d Like to see the iPhone Do

1. Wirelessly synch with my computer

Why would that be so difficult? Zune does it. The Things app for the iPhone even does it, but the iPhone doesn’t natively do that? I just don’t understand why not.

2. Update my podcasts automatically

Why not?

3. Pair to a bluetooth keyboard

As much as I like the iPhone, the keyboard on it is frustrating. It’s got bluetooth, why not enable it to pair to a keyboard if you’d like.

4. Run simultaneous apps

This should really be first, but it’s still annoying. I’m sure Apple has their reasons, but it’s really annoying that I can’t listen to Pandora AND check my email or use my GPS app.

5. Have a lock hold or lock feature

This one is intentionally at the bottom of the list. My daughter likes to watch videos on the iPhone, and it’s easy to quell a fidgety child by handing her the wiggles, but as soon as she touches the wrong part of the screen, we’re back to the drawing board. It’d be nice to have a “Hold” button, or something like it…just for that occasion, I’m sure I could think of more cases where it would come in handy though.


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