Suspended Ceiling; not that hard



Last night my dad and I worked on hanging the ceiling grid, and I’m happy to say, it wasn’t that hard. It moved along pretty quickly, and we learned a lot about how to level the main T grids effectively. Which leads me to think, when I finish my basement, I think I might start posting “How Tos” of simple home improvement projects. I went to youtube to find out how to install can lights, but couldn’t find anything. After I do it myself, I might just post a video showing 1 2 3 steps on how to do it.

Update on the house: Grid will be done by this weekend, I’ll be moving on the floors throughout the week. Hopefully 2 more weeks until I can move everything in and start working on the doors/moulding. Bathroom: end of this month, beginning of next.

The ceiling is looking nice, and I don’t think the next room will take nearly as long.


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