Purpose; and a plan

Altruism is defined as devotion to others or to humanity, the opposite of selfishness. In a nutshell – it is doing for others while expecting nothing in return. For quite some time I have questioned whether true altruism really existed. In my life, when I am serving others, am I doing it out of a true desire to see others helped and happy, or to free myself of the thought (or guilt) of being a selfish person? I questioned this often, which I think is healthy for us as humans to do.

Upon learning more about God’s nature and his person (i.e. his heart), I realize that he has the ability to free us from our selfish existence and is waiting for us to allow him to do so. My thought is this: Pursuing altruism without God, is trying to fulfill our purpose without the intended plan.

We were created to work together. No man is an island, no mater what any epicurean tells you. I believe, as this has made itself evident in my life that TRUE altruism cannot exist without God. It is only through trusting in God and being plugged in to that type of source that we can be free of the weight of self.

1 John 4:16 says:
“…God is love and the one who lives in love lives in God, and God in Him.”

How many times do I go about my life neglecting this amazing fact? To truly pursue understanding God, is to begin to understand Love. They are inseparable. This is why we cannot judge. This is why we cannot condemn. I could go on, but for now, let me conclude with this:

Love – In the context of Christianity, implies charity. However, LOVE, as it is intended is not obligation, it is not charity. My heart moves me to communicate this: We love because the spirit inside us – God’s spirit – cannot be still until we are fulfilling our purpose – To love, help, hurt and celebrate with others. Therefore, community is a necessity to us as people; not just Christians.


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