Oh God

I have been listening to a band called Citizens. They are so incredible that I’m sad they only have 4 songs out.

After reading and meditating on these words by Oswald Chambers, I’m desperately trying to live in the peace and presence of Jesus. This song helps me to remember that he is always close by. Listen to this song, and take these words with you through the week.

In the valley, oh God You’re near
In the quiet, oh God You’re near
In the shadow, oh God You’re near
At my breaking, oh God You’re near

Oh God, You never leave my side
Your love, will stand firm for all my life

In my searching, oh God You’re near
In my wandering, oh God You’re near
When I feel alone, oh God You’re near
At my lowest, oh God You’re near

Height nor depth nor anything else,
Could pull us apart
We are joined as one, by Your blood
Hope will rise, as we become more,
Than conquerors through,
The one who loved the world


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