If you believe in Freedom

For anyone who stumbled here and doesn’t know me, let me say right now that I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus’ teachings and the life he modeled for us are the key to the salvation of the world in every sense. I’m more of a conservative than a moderate, I didn’t vote for Obama. That should be enough disclaimer.

I’m tired of the religious right using Gay Marriage as a politcal issue. I believe in the freedoms we have in this country. I believe in the freedom of speech. I may not agree with someone, but I will defend their constitutional right to say it, even if it makes them look like an ignorant jerk. That said, I don’t understand homosexuality. I am not attracted to other men, and the idea doesn’t make any sense to me at all. But just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean that I can tell someone else what they can and can’t do. Nor can or should the government. I expect the government to recognize my marriage, if a gay couple wants to get married; so be it. Let em.

America is NOT a Christian country

So stop saying it! America is a free country, built to allow its citizens to believe what they want with NO government involvement. The wall of separation between Church and State is high, and should be, so that government will never infringe upon the Church’s freedoms. So should it be in individual freedoms, constitutional rights. As I heard one gay man on television say, “We’re not asking the Church to recognize us, just the government.” So, church, kindly back off. You’re not making any friends with the homosexuals I can tell you that much.

Trying to push your religious beliefs on someone outside of relationship and conversation is almost always futile, and has given Christianity a bad name in this country. For the past few decades, Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority attempted to control votes by claiming to have a “Moral” high ground. With partial-birth abortion, I think that applies, but at its core it is wrong-headed. The fact of the matter is that doesn’t lead to a broader conversation, there’s no listening there, only a bunch of people who are waiting to jump when the leader says. These groups are bad for the Christian party. The people should keep government in check, not push religious ideals into Washington.

A Revolution of Love is not founded on hate

I find it hard that a person who lives with the spirit of Christ can have so much anger and hatred toward a group of people. If homosexuality isn’t something a person is born with (as the Religious right claims) then a gay person is simply incorrect and misled, so why all the hostility?

The only people group Jesus reacted to with such hostility to were the religious. In fact, those whose lives were broken and confused, sexually or otherwise, Jesus talked with, healed and loved. They weren’t condemned by him, kicked while they were down or tossed out. They were sought out and cared for.

So, Christian, why are you so angry?

If you believe in Freedom; Let them be free.


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