Ideas? People?



For the past year I’ve been doing contract photoshop work for my former employer. It has been a great experience, but it’s become overwhelming, so I’m taking some time off. For the first time since my daughter was born, I’m actually going to have free time again. I’m very excited about this free time…and here are some things I’m thinking about doing:

  1. Finishing and releasing this blog theme; there’s more than meets the eye here I assure you.
  2. Designing and creating a new theme that can be used by businesses as a generic website, complete with color schemes (I like color schemes).
  3. Building a little more functionality to my baby book theme and releasing it to anyone who might like that kind of thing.
  4. Creating a case study of a site that looks COMPLETELY different in Internet explorer as it does in other browsers…oh the beauty of CSS.
  5. Creating a website that is made entirely out of <li> elements. This would more than likely skirt some of the box-model problems IE has…it’d be interesting to see.
  6. Writing tutorials for people who want to use WordPress as a CMS and have some working knowledge of code. It’d basically be a step-by-step process for a few weeks maybe?
  7. Writing an in-depth guide for creating Photoshop actions.

I’d like to do something that’s a challenge to me and helps other people in the process. I don’t know if anybody would be interested…but when I get the time to do this stuff, I really like helping people learn.

So, world. If you’re listening, sound off. Any preferences? If not, I’m going in reverse nobody cares order.


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