Hail to the king.

It’s the Christmas season. Everyone around the country celebrates this season by decorating, singing songs, gathering with their loved ones and giving gifts.

As Christians, we celebrate this season in rememberance and celebration of the birth of our savior and king Jesus.

This season, we celebrate his birth, we celebrate his coming and the hope that lies with Him. We celebrate that we have been redeemed, and the fact that every human being, no matter how desolate or depraved, can been redeemed by the blood of an innocent man. A man who taught us by his life what God the father was really like. He didn’t just teach us a set of rules, but gave us the ability to become better, by walking with us. He transforms into a different kind of human being…a type of person that really does bring change to the world; A person more like Him.

Through the baby that was born 2000 years ago, the world has forever been changed.

Hail to the king.


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