Five conditions for facebook friendship

Below are 5 conditions that must be met in order for me to accept a facebook friend request:

1. If I saw you in public, I would recognize you.

If you have a profile picture, and I can’t for the life of me figure out who you are. I’m gonna ignore you.

2. If I saw you in public, I would speak to you.

If we aren’t even friendly in real life, why be friends on facebook? Really? I have enough crap to wade through already, I don’t want you adding to the mix. IGNORE.

3. We have the type of relationship that can withstand years of being out-of-touch

If, at one point in time, we were best friends, I want to know how you are, so send me a friend request. If you were in my 3rd grade class and came to my party, played with my toys, then left without saying thank you: IGNORE.

4. You don’t irritate or annoy me.

Some people send me Facebook friend requests, and I just don’t care to accept. I don’t want to have to remove their news feed from my home page, I don’t want them to send me messages or look at my pictures, because to be honest, they just get on my nerves. IGNORE.

5. You didn’t beat me up in elementary school

Kind of speaks for itself I think. I know the only reason you want to be my friend is so you can look at my pictures, jerk. You know who you are. IGNORE with a vengence.


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  1. Ha ha… This makes me laugh! 🙂

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