Finding Peace and Contentment

The house we liked is now contingent to sell.

It’s been over a month and we haven’t had one person come to see our house. This past week my wife and I have both resolved to stay, and I’m ok with that. It is the case that when you want something, if you wait, the desire subsides and appreciation for the conservative path emerges. In this case: staying in our current house.

I put a years worth of work into this house. For a full year, from three months before my daughter was born until three months before her first birthday, I would come home, and every night spend 2-4 hours working in my basement; framing walls, pulling electrical cable, laying insulation, hanging drywall, flooring and painting.

It’s been almost a year since I finished, and we are going to have a baby in October. In hindsight, it makes me very glad I put all that time and energy into adding this space. We are now at a place we weren’t before (with regards to square footage/rooms).

I love our home, I love our neighbors and our neighborhood, and it’s pretty cheap. I’m happy here, there’s a huge yard for my daughter to run and play, we can take walks through the neighborhood in the evenings, and enjoy the ease of not maintaining the yard.

This whole process of putting our house up for sell has been far different than I anticipated, and surprisingly emotional. It’s taken me on an interesting journey, and is currently about being happy with what I have.


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