A few ideas for Netflix…pro bono

I’m always going on and on to my wife about how a company could be more effective at a, b and c. Probably too much. Anyway, since this is my blog where I share my thoughts, here are a few things I’d like to see netflix do with digital distribution.

Create a viable tv/movie viewing option for the iPhone.

Isn’t there something like this for the iPad?

Anyway, some company may have created this, but I want to give netflix the money instead. This could be another tier in their plans, mobile viewing through webkit enabled devices and iphones. I think it’d be great, but its not a huge bummer if they don’t allocate their resources to it.

Hulu on set-top boxes.

Seems like this would be a good move right? How much more would you use this service if it weren’t only through your computer? I realize that some folks only use their computers for entertainment, but it’d be really cool if this option existed. I’d use it like crazy.

Although, I guess that’s what TV is.

Build-your-own entertainment plan.

If there was an option to pay like 5 bucks a month and choose any channel. I think I’d be up for it. I enjoy Discovery Channel and Food Network enough that I might shell out 4-5 bucks a month for each.

My Idea: The network channels would just stream the feed through an internet connection. The channels would run 100% like they do now, including all the advertisements at programming. The networks would get a cut of the cost to make it more appetizing.

Rent movies with a 24 hour limit

I don’t understand why this is not currently available. I realize that Xbox Live and Amazon.com have on demand watching capabilities. But they’re both too high. Redbox is $1 a day, and they use DVDs, is bandwidth cost so much more (seriously, would it be more expensive? I honestly don’t know).

My Idea: When you rent movies (older movies $1, $2 for new releases), the rental fee is added to your account.


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