What this site is about

This site is basically an extension of myself. I’ve had several sites over the years, but not since my early years of college did I have one where I was unabashedly me.

Sometimes I wonder if my unique combination of passion and geekiness overwhelms people. It’s kind of like when you ask someone how they’re doing…and they really tell you. That’s kind of how it probably was when someone asked me about my job or my interests and I geeked out about how I was modding an original xbox to turn it into a classic gaming system and media center. That’s really the impetus for this site. I wanted somewhere to geek out, and if anyone wants to follow along, comment on my posts, or send me messages…please do so.

By the way, if this site reminds you of classic video games, or the eighties..I accomplished my goal.


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  1. Milena y Juan Avatar
    Milena y Juan

    Really cute!

  2. Milena y Juan Avatar
    Milena y Juan

    Really cute! Congratulations.

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